Health Benefits of Spiced Pickles For People

Food is the only source of energy in our body. Quality food should be taken to gain the desired vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Each of these nutrients performs specific function and helps in keeping body fit and free from disease. So, quality food should be consumed by the people to improve the immunity of body to increase resistance to disease. But some people don’t care about their health and consume lot of fast foods. It contains fats providing lots of calories to body and leading to obesity. Hence, it should be minimized and increased intake of balanced diet.

India is the largest producer and exporter of spices around the globe. Indian spices are known for their quality, aroma, and health benefit gets by eater. It is through the use of spices, Indian cuisines can be made at home to enjoy. Pickle is an important food made from the spice in the country. It is added to preserve the food longer and enhance taste and nutrients. Indian spices and pickles create a good combination for the vegetarian people to get the desired nutrients. Pickle is eaten during meal or snack to supply the extra nutrients to the body. This is why the spiced pickles are being eaten by the people around the world.

Sesame seeds are cultivated and eaten in the Indian villages since the ancient time. The seeds are crushed to make traditional biscuits and added in the dishes as paste to enhance the nutrients contents. Oil can be extracted from the seeds after crushing with machine to be used in various cuisines. Halvah- a sweet dish made in the South Asian countries and is eaten due to nutrients contents. It can be eaten roasted, toasted and after adding in food. Indian natural sesame seeds are being added in the diet by the people around for the health benefit. The nutrients found in the seeds are calcium, iron, potassium, selenium, copper, phosphorous, molybdenum, fibers, vitamins, and phytosterol. These nutrients and other elements are useful in preventing cancers, inflammation, remove bad cholesterol, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer disease. This is why people are adding the seeds in diet. 


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