Answer Simple 17 Questions and Win 1 Lakh Rupees

Quiz is one of the most favorite games played online by the people. This is because it provides enjoyment, relaxation, and knowledge in playing quiz in internet. Constructive games are helpful in acquiring life skills like punctuality, competitiveness, reasoning power, decision-making, and eye-hand coordination. Hence, people are playing the game to develop these life skills and lead a successful life. Some game provide special award to the players. Win from games online after answering the simple questions asked in the game. This is why people from different regions of the country are participating in this game.

This company is conducting the India’s first online quiz game for the participants. Company has got its inspiration from the Kbc game aired in Sony channel offering crores of rupees to participants. In this game, the interested player has to register in the website with a fee of Rs. 1800 to get three passwords used in starting the game. Play quiz online after registering in the website and win one lakh rupees from the company. There are just 17 questions to be answered by the participant to win the whole sum. In each question, participant is given only 20 seconds to answer correctly. Any wrong answer will finally terminate the player from the game. So players need to play the game cautiously to avoid termination.

The eligible age of the player to participate in the game is 18 years of age. One can take help of the friends in answering the questions online. The 17 questions in the game have been divided into three parts and proceed one by one. After completing each part, participant can quit or proceed further in game just like Kbc game. So, answer questions and win from the quiz by taking helps of the three lifelines in each part. The time period can be increased to 20 seconds more, hard question can be evaded and number of options found in the question can be reduced to two. These lifelines help participants to play excellently and win the sum easily from company.


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