The Role Of Spices In Pickles And Indian Cuisines

Indian cuisines are getting popular all over the world for their aroma and delicacy. The health benefits of Indian foods are well known beside their taste. One can get varieties of foods according to preference in the Indian restaurants. There are four varieties of foods available according to the regions are North Indian, South Indian, Eastern Part and South Cuisines. The food diversities help people to taste and enjoy different food in various regions. Let us look at the important Indian foods available in the market.

Many people are eating only vegetarian diets to lead a good life. Pickles are one of the popular foods which are eaten during snack or meal. It is made from fresh fruits and sliced to dry and keep in airtight container. It contains various nutrients and spices are added to pickles to prolong the life and enhance the nutrients contents. This is why Indian spices and pickles are being imported by the people for their quality and aroma. It is eaten along with other foods to get regular supply of essential nutrients found in these things.  Spices are the main ingredients which influence the taste, aroma, color and delicacy of the Indian food. One can get the desired taste by adding the special spices found in the country.

The dishes of sesame seeds are most nutritious which are being eaten since the ancient time. It is eaten roasted, toasted and after making bakery products. Halvah- a special dish made from the crushed seeds is eaten in South Asia. Oil is extracted from the seed which is used in making many delicious dishes around the world. Seeds are cooked with spices to increase the nutrients content and make healthier for people. The nutrients found in the seeds are calcium, potassium, iron, copper, selenium, molybdenum, fibers, vitamins and phytosterol. Exporter of sesame seeds and spices from India is providing the products to the people around the world. Eating the seeds regularly can prevent cancer, arthritis, inflammation, diabetes, heart attack, and Alzheimer disease. This is why it is added in the diet to gain these nutrients and lead a healthy life. 


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