Delicious spices and pickles from India are in huge demand worldwide

Whenever anyone talks about tasty foods, India supposedly tops the chart with its really delicious cuisines. The best part is that it is known to all and Indian foods are loved every outside India. This is the reason today there is no geographical confinement. Even outside India you can taste the delicacies of this country. Multiple hotels and restaurants offering delicious Indian cuisines are found all over the world. But the question is – what makes it so finger-licking tasteful?

The answer is obviously the ingredients and recipes. More importantly Indian spices and pickles add more to the overall flavour of these delicacies. Spices in India are called ‘Masala’. This county is one of the largest exporters of spices all over the world. I recently came to know that it is also the largest exporter of Indian natural sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are one of the oilseeds which are used in many cuisines in India and abroad.

Okay, I was talking about Indian spices and pickles. Spices from this county are known to have natural flavour and aroma. This is the reason that there is a huge demand of them everywhere. About pickles, there are a number of variants of pickles which are prepared here in this country. There recipes are different and even the ingredients are, but there is one thing in common and that is the fact that all these pickles are tasty.

I know a few brands which sell Indian spices and pickles worldwide. Some of the popular names from these brands are – Fazlani, Mothers, Goldy, Tops and many more. I personally have tasted the products of all the brand names mentioned above. The tastes of these all are a bit different but they all are delicious. This slight difference in taste comes because of their recipes. But in short, they all do justice to the price one pays to buy them.


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