Love the taste of Indian pickles? You are going to love Fazlani Products

If you love the tastes of Indian spices and pickles, here comes a great piece of news for you. Fazlani Foods, a division of Fazlani Exports – the leading exporter of Sesame Seeds and Spices from India – brings free give away of delicious gift hampers to its existing as well as potential customers.

Wondering how and where to get these delicious gift hampers for yourself? Okay, I explain that too. But before that let me tell what all items do the hamper contain. It contains a range of 10 ready- to-eat meals, pickles, chutneys, and T-shirt? Now let me tell you how you can get a chance to win one for you. It is very easy, you do not need enter into a quiz or do something extra. Simply connect with them at their official Facebook Fan page, take part in the sweepstake, get yourself registered and engage with the community. Yes, that’s all and you get a chance to win lovely gift hampers.

Fazlani Foods has very recently launched in India in selected cities at the moment. They have successfully launched in the capital city Delhi and in Mumbai.  They have already distributed two rounds of free gifts hampers in these two cities. The responses of the customers who have tasted the product have been awesome. Referring to their website and the brand’s Facebook Fan page, it is obvious that their products have become all the rage in a short span of time.

To connect with the brand and to get a chance of winning yourself a free gift hamper of Indian spices and pickles, visit Once you are on the page, give it a like and register for the sweepstake. All the details, rules, and announcements are given on the fan page itself. So, once you like the page you start all the updates delivered to you. However, if you are really excited about winning the hamper, get yourself enaged with other fans on the page.

To know more about Fazlani Exports visit –


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