Add sesame seeds in your diet to lead a healthy life

Somebody rightly said, “Health is wealth”. A healthy people can work and earn money during its lifetime but not the ailing one. The spending on treating the diseases has increased steadily over the years. It is due to the fact the number of people getting diseases are up due to the odd eating habits. There has been increased of deficiency diseases due to eating of improper foods. The fast foods are roots of many diseases in the body. So, the dieticians around the world are advising people to have balance diet to avoid the ailment. This is why the people are eating a well balanced diet which is full with essential nutrients.

Sesame seeds are famous all over the world for their nutrients. India is the major producers and exporter of this seeds to the global market. Since ancient time people in the country have used the seeds in the Ayurvedic medicines due to its medicinal effect. Seeds are crushed and made paste which is often found in traditional biscuit. Sesame seeds exporter from India is providing excellent quality products to other countries to add this in their diet. Nutrients found in this seeds are calcium, zinc, phosphorous, magnesium, and phytosterol. All these nutrients are helpful in leading a good and healthy life.

India is the largest producer and exporter of superior quality spices to the world. During the colonial rule, people traded in the spices and got huge profit. Even wars have been fought between the states for this in the olden days. Today, with the popularity of the Indian dishes in the world the demand of spices has increased tremendously. Exporter of sesame seedsand spices from India is using special technique and products to maintain the royal qualities of the products when it reaches the customers. People like to have hot and spicy foods from the restaurants. Get special spices products from the


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